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Legal Guidance for M&A Deals in Washington D.C.

Companies might seek to merge or acquire another firm to move into a new product field or service area in which they previously had no experience. Others might choose mergers or acquisitions as a way to grow their current business. The merger and acquisition process can be daunting, which is why it is necessary for business owners to have an experienced professional on their side to help them navigate it.

Lacki & Company, LLC is a boutique firm helping buyers and sellers through mergers and acquisitions. We have decades of experience focusing on our clients’ needs and developing innovative strategies to pursue their goals. Backed by an in-depth understanding of business, finance and securities law, we can answer your questions, explain the M&A process, and deliver sound advice at every stage of your deal.

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Understanding Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) combine two or more companies into one entity. It is a corporate strategy allowing firms to achieve a desired business goal – whether that is increasing their market share, assets, customer base, talent pool, or product offerings.

For buyers, the M&A process is a great potential for growth and expansion. For sellers, it enables business owners to monetize their ownership interest and explore other ventures. Whatever the case, M&As require objective analysis to ensure the merger or acquisition is sound from both financial and operational aspects before decision-making can occur and agreements can be signed.

At Lacki & Company, LLC, we can help buyers and sellers weigh the advantages and disadvantages of certain strategic moves before starting an M&A process. 

Types of Mergers

Merges between two companies come in all shapes and sizes, often resulting in a brand-new entity.

Generally, five types of mergers are possible:

  • Conglomerate/Partnership: Companies from completely divergent industries merge to create a more comprehensive business entity.
  • Horizontal: Two companies producing the same product or providing the same service join.
  • Market extension: Firms offering the same products or services but in different markets combine to access a more significant share of the market.
  • Product extension: Two businesses make related products and exist in the same market join to access more customers.
  • Vertical: Two firms from different stages of production combine to create more streamlined production capabilities.

Each of these mergers provides plenty of advantages and unique growth opportunities. Still, the transactions must be strategically and thoughtfully planned to further a firm’s competitive edge. At Lacki & Company, LLC, we can assist with various mergers and develop sophisticated strategies focused on protecting your business’s best interests.

Types of Acquisitions

Acquisitions can be a live changing event for the owners of the acquired company.  Not only will the owners experience a monetization of their ownership interests, but also they may experience and join in the growth of their company post-acquisition.

  • Asset Purchase – the acquiring company will purchase some or all of the target company’s assets for cash and/or stock consideration.  Generally, most liabilities of the target company will remain with the sellers.  The sellers of the target company may be involved in the continuing operations of a new entity operating the business of the target company.
  • Stock Purchase – all assets and liabilities are purchased and the target company will continue operations under new ownership.  Sellers may continue in the management of the entity under agreement with the buyers.
  • Partial Acquisition – a partial purchase of either the assets and/or the stock of the target company.  Such a transaction may be structured to permit the seller to continue operations and at a future date, sell their remaining interests for value.

There are many reasons a buyer may wish to acquire a company’s assets and/or stock: (i) consolidate industry specific skills to remove excess capacity; (ii) accelerate market access for the seller’s or buyer’s products; (ii) obtain skills or technologies faster or at lower cost than they can be organically developed; (iii) exploit the seller company’s industry-specific scalability; (iv) assist early stage companies in developing their business.

Considering All Aspects of M&As in Washington D.C.

Mergers and acquisitions are complex, high-stakes strategic processes requiring careful consideration. Buyers and sellers must take into account various factors, such as tax implications and capital expenditures, rival bidders, market conditions, and ideal timelines. Additionally, they must be mindful of corporate and antitrust laws and securities regulations.

Our team at Lacki & Company, LLC can help you prepare for your M&A and consider all aspects of the deal. A detailed assessment of these elements is essential for developing an effective integration plan. 

Additionally, we can help through the many stages of an M&A, including:

  • Developing an acquisition plan: Identifying goals and potential companies, as well as how to implement the plan. 
  • Sending letters of intent (buyers): Summarizing the proposed M&A.
  • Receiving bids (sellers): Identifying and meeting with potential buyers.
  • Negotiating the deal: Facilitating a fair transaction based on research and valuation models.
  • Performing due diligence: Reviewing the details and developing an operational analysis before closing the deal.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts: Enumerating the terms and conditions of the agreement. 

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Mergers and acquisitions can be attractive strategies for many different reasons. Ultimately, whatever motivation companies have for merging with or acquiring another organization, the goal remains to strengthen their position in the business world. Yet, M&As are complex processes requiring extensive evaluation and preparation. It is important to consider all elements of a deal before signing on the dotted line. A professional can help you weigh the risks and rewards, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding the transaction. They can also guide you through each phase of the process.

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