Deal Structuring

Deal Structuring in Washington D.C. 

Supporting Local Businesses Through Mergers & Acquisitions 

Before an acquisition or a merger can start, companies must lay out the details of the transaction. This is what’s known as a deal structure. 

The deal structure outlines the terms and conditions of the agreement and maps a timeline for completing the deal. it points out the technical minutia behind how the process itself is going to work and what the resulting entity will look like when the two organizations ultimately become one.

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The Deal Structure Spells Out Who Gets What & What Goes Where

Lacki & Company, LLC will identify your business goals and clearly define what you want to get out of the merger or acquisition. Our team of seasoned business attorneys will create a roadmap for what the merger will look like from beginning to end.

Together, we will put together the deal structure, document implementation at every stage, negotiate the terms of the deal itself, and oversee its closure. A well-formulated deal structure can make a big difference on the outcome of the merger and how well it works out for both you and the other parties involved.

Lacki & Company, LLC Will Create a Deal Structure Where Everyone Wins

No two mergers are the same, and neither will the deals and agreements that support them. Lacki & Company, LLC will work to make sure that the deal structure is made with your best interests at heart by keeping the most favorable outcome for you in mind throughout the process.

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